The Golden Hour

Rooftop Newtorking for Career & Business Professionals, Founders, and Consultants.

Connect with top Career & Business Professionals, Founders, and Consultants at our in-person Business Networking event in Pretoria.

Embark on an evening of unparalleled connections and collaborative brilliance at 'The Golden Hour,' where the magic happens when like-minded individuals converge over drinks, dreams, and delightful conversations.

🚀 Unlock Opportunities:

Join us in creating an atmosphere where entrepreneurs, mentors, business enthusiasts, and investors collide, fostering an ecosystem of shared ideas and boundless potential. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a visionary investor, or someone just beginning their business journey, 'The Golden Hour' promises the perfect setting for meaningful connections.

🍹 Sip, Share, and Succeed:

Enjoy drinks and food at your own cost. Indulge in the spirit of camaraderie as you enjoy a curated selection of beverages, creating an ambiance that encourages open dialogue and collaboration. Let your ideas flow as freely as the drinks, and watch partnerships flourish in the glow of shared aspirations.

🔗 Forge Lasting Connections:

At 'The Golden Hour,' networking is an art. Engage with fellow attendees who share your passion for innovation, and witness the birth of collaborations that could redefine the trajectory of your professional journey.

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